Adding a new Blog

To add a new Blog select the Blog and then Blogs from the left hand menu:

Then click on the "+" button in the top right hand corner:

This will take you to the Add Blogs Page.

The Add Blogs Page will have many elements. On this page you can turn the active status of this content off or on:

You will enter a title for your Blog:

You can enter a Description that would be displayed with your photo:

You will select the Author of the Blog from the drop down menu:

You can click on the blue folder icon to the right of the Image field in order to choose and upload the an image that would be displayed with you Blog:

This will take you to your File Explorer where you can choose the picture that you want to upload:

You will then select an Individual, multiple, or All Categories you wish the blog to be uploaded to:

Don't forget to save your work by clicking on the Save icon in the rop right hand corner:


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