Page Manager
  • What is Page Manager?

    Page Manager is going to be the user interface that helps you build the pages that will be on your website.

    On the Page Manager landing page you will be provided with an index of each page that has been built for your website, which can be searched using the search bar:

    You also have the option to sort the list by active status, title, description, or edited date; and in either an ascending or descending fashion:

    You can also export the list results, or save this module to your Quick Search menu here:


  • Adding a new Page

    To add a new Page select the Page Manager from the left hand menu:

    Then click on the "+" button in the top right hand corner:

    This will take you to the Add Page Manager page.

    The Add Page Manager page will have many elements. On this page you can turn the status of whether this content is published off or on:

    You will enter the title for the page:

    You will need to enter the URL for the page that you're wishing to create:
    Please note, when entering the URL you want this page to be tied to using a dash (-) will indicate a space, while using an underscore (_) will indicate a continued word. For example, the URL for our page "Full Features" was entered as "/full-features".

    Then select to save:

  • Adding content to your new Page

    Once your new page has been created and saved you are ready to add content to it.

    Select the Page that you just created and then go to the Page Content Tab at the top:

    This is where all of your WebItems Modules come into play. 

    First you will click on the "New Content" option:

    This will bring you to the Add Content Page:

    Again, you will have the option of choosing whether you want this content published or not:

    You will then choose what type of Module you wish to add:

    Once you have selected what kind of WebItems module you want to add as content to your page, you will then be shown another menu with all of the items you have created for that particular type of module in order to select the item that you wish to use on your page:

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