• What are Presentations?
    The Presentations Module is where you will find your Slideshows and your Call to Actions. On the Presentations Page you will be provided with an index of the existing Presentations, which can be searched using the search b... more
  • Adding a new Presentation
    To add a new Presentation select the Presentations Categories from the left hand menu: Then click on the "+" button in the top right hand corner: This will take you to the Add Presentation Page. The Add Presentation Pa... more
  • Deleting a Presentation
    To delete an existing Presentation checkmark the box to the left hand side and select the red trashcan icon: more
  • Editing a Presentation
    To edit an existing Presentation, select the Presentation that you wish to edit from the Presentation Index page: This will take you to the Edit Presentation Page: You will then go to the Layers tab and select the layer... more